About Anona

AnonaAnona Kosmack is the heart and lead creatrix of Art Fueled living.  She believes that your best life is full of self-expression, color and connection.

Anona has been an artist all of her life, and when it came time to decide which path to take in her career, she knew she had to be true to herself. Anona considers it her calling to enrich the lives of those she works with by bringing out their inner artist and bringing more beauty to their environment.

Anona’s advocacy and philanthropic initiatives focus on person’s with disabilities and indigenous women. She uses her learning from university career in Conflict Studies and her yoga certification to create powerful statement art. Currently, she is completing her degree in Developmental Service Work so she can better serve her ideal clients.

As a good natured and non-binary identifying human,  your friendly neighbourhood Anona loves french fries, coffee and puppies.

She works to support several initiatives through her art and advocacy. These projects include:

Further certifications include:

  • Vulnerable Persons Police Check (C)
  • Full G License
  • 200hr Yoga Certification
  • 40hr Trauma Sensitivity Training
  • 30hr Anti-Oppression Training

Let’s break the 4th wall! 

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