Before we begin your commission, please take the time to review this page.


All custom pieces are priced individually as they require a different calculation of time, materials, and parameters specific to projects. To secure my services, I require a non-refundable deposit. This deposit is based on my estimated and subject to change from project to project. Full payments are required within 3 business days of completing the project. Late payments are subject to 20$ increases for every day missed. Refunds for services will not be offered (I have never had someone ask for that) but just so you know.

You are getting equal value, or more, in return always when you are investing in pieces from me.


Online, I can accept payments through EMT (Email Money Transfers), and Paypal.

In Person, I can accept credit through a Square payment if notice is provided. Otherwise, I can accept cash.


  1. You contact me and are super excited about your amazing inspiration and art. We high five and agree to work together.
  2. We have a discussion about your vision. I ask a few questions so I can direct my work. Please note that this period of time does go into my calculations for pricing- so please try to be clear as you can. Although I am obviously here to support you I want to be transparent in my process. This conversation the creative alchemy is being used. This is where I will request a deposit from you to secure my services.
  3. We establish deadlines for your project. If you come to this project with no idea of deadlines and don’t want to make them together- the project will go to the bottom of my priority pile. These milestones (which are further defined below) deadlines are:
    1.  Creative Discussion
    2. Initial Deposit Date 
    3. First Draft of Project from me to you.
    4.  First Providing Feedback on Project by you to me.
    5. 7/8 Project Delivered from me to you.
    6. Final Review/Feedback of Project by you to me
    7. Final Touch ups and fixes by me for you. Please note that this stage I will only be doing minimal changes and is more for cleanup of areas. You can invest in an overhaul of an area for the project for 80$. 
    8. The FULL Delivery- Congrats! You send me the final payment. I send you your project and all the necessary files. I might even add a cute bow on top! You’ve done it. You brought a vision into the world- nothing can stop you now.
    9. We both leave feeling rejuvenated and pleased with the creative outcome we’ve made happen. We continue to kick ass.


  1. FIRST DRAFT: I create up to 3 options for you to choose from for your project. Please note you will only be getting key components of the project at this stage. For instance, for children’s books, I will show you three options for the main characters.
  2. FIRST FEEDBACK: This is where you put your nitpick hat on and your critical pants. I need real meaty feedback if I am going to make this work. Be kind-yes. I mean, I am so cute- how could you be mean? I want honest, raw and vulnerable asking for what you want in this space.   You can provide me this feedback on the first draft via email or video call.
  3. 7/8 PROJECT:  This is where I send you the completed project. This rendition might need a few minimal tweaks.
  4. FINAL FEEDBACK: You bring back the look of critical pants with nitpick hat. This time though, you are bringing your BIG magnifying glass. I want to see laser focused and detail-oriented feedback at this stage. You can provide me this feedback on the first draft via email or video call.
  5. THE FULL DELIVERY: Here, I get techie. I send you all the files you will need in a neat little Dropbox, Google Drive or attachments folder. There may be a surprise here- who knows. Point is, you’ll have all you need for this project to come alive visually. I will have completed all the final touch-ups and put the project through my laser focused procedure. You’ll leave with some of the highest quality art- maybe ever.
  6. Are you ready to release your visionary project into the world? Let’s make it happen- write an e-mail to me about a project you’re kinda sorta thinking about but don’t know how to explain. I dare you. 

Ready to make your vision happen?