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I bet it’s hard to find an artist

Kidding! I’m right here! You can reach out any time. This is a just a small check-in for the few of those that are here.

I am currently reading this amazing book on Dementia care. The first line and a few of the following ones have made me tear-eyed. Slowly but surely my career as a caregiver is forming right before my eyes. It is making me expand my perspective and really focus on the positive, enjoyable things in life.

From our last blog post, we’ve established a rapport that- yes, I am a sensitive soul who cries at the death of squirrels.

That said, I am in equal measure made of raw steel. So when it comes to certain elements of moving forward, advocacy and bringing light to some gnarly situations you better believe I can show up for my fellow hoomans.

It has been a week of feels- I have basically been surviving by cocooning, reading and sending the silliest of memes to my closest friends.

There are days when avoiding the news out right is an equal part privilege and self-care. I fret over fellow non-binary pandas feeling unworthy. I wander around in my head ruminating on whether I could’ve done more in a day. I do my best to cope, clean and connect with the people closest to me.

Yet, my solitude is a sanctuary that feels supportive and nourishing.

  1. I love feeling free from pressure to suceed.
  2. I do not like taking on a million detailed projects and rushing to accomplish nothing of real importance.
  3. I do not want to be a Type A personality and constantly fight the burn out. I love being a Type B- mosey- slow- Kapha.
  4. I do not want to eat meals with people all the time. I love eating quietly on the floor.
  5.  I love being cozy on my bed.